How does 3D Visualization Contribute to Community Development? 

August 10, 2022

Architecture is omnipresent, impacting the lives of stakeholders – directly and indirectly. Be it a private residence or urban planning, the built environment connects everyone, physically and socially. Conceptualizing a design is equally instrumental in facilitating collaboration and social relationships with peers and the community. This extends to the domain of 3D renders and architectural visualization as they serve diverse purposes for architects, builders, developers, and project owners. In every project, one major milestone is the approval of the community and city council; this is particularly significant in locations where community involvement extensively influences any new development. 

One such case is that of the All Peoples’ Church in Del Cerro- San Diego, where the community was significantly involved in the development of the neighborhood. Located at the intersection of interstate-8 and College Avenue Street, the All Peoples’ Church structure was proposed in the local fabric of a residential area in 2021. Realizing the impact of the newly proposed structure of All People’s Church on the neighborhood, the local community invested efforts to understand the vision. They commissioned Quickviz to create a 3D video of the schematic model of the design to study its larger impact on the architectural fabric of the region. 

With the help of photographs provided by the APC team and the history of the built fabric from Google Earth, Quickviz comprehended and modeled the context of the structure in  3D rendering software. In collaboration with the architect of the project, Kenneth D Smith Architects, based in El Cajon, California, the Quickviz team rendered a 3D video highlighting various aspects of the project. This included the proposed church building, the proposed landscape visible from the interstate, and the neighborhood. The video successfully communicated the project's intent to the Del Cerro community and the city council, resulting in quick approval for its construction. 

This incident is just an example of how 3D renders contribute to binding a community, giving them the ownership of their public structures and shaping it in a way where everyone belongs. Not only did the visual communication by 3D renders manifest the design to reality, but it also propelled its approval among the local authorities and aided the construction process. Through a collaborative approach and high-quality 3D visuals that best represented the context and the intent of the project, Quickviz helped transform the life of this community-driven neighborhood. 

To see the video of the project click here

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