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Quickviz is a premium architectural visualization studio founded by Inato Sema and Sarah Chawang that specializes in creating powerful and engaging visuals for Architects, Designers, Real Estate Developers and Builders that effortlessly communicate design. With presence in the US and Canada, our team of seasoned 3D artists, aided with cutting-edge visualization tools, strive to transform your architectural ideas into realistic visuals.

Our ethos is grounded in a unique approach that seeks to focus on collaboration and timely creation. With our background in design and experience in the industry, we capture the potential of your designs and add visual context and narrative to realize beautiful, true-to-life imagery. We offer services varying from 3D Interior and Exterior renderings, Video fly-throughs, 360 VR, 3D plans, and Product visualizations – all modeled and rendered to the highest standards of precision to give you a real-time experience of the designed space.

The Quickviz studio is a fun and collaborative environment, with a team of skilled and hard-working professionals doing what we love. This culture of continuous development keeps us updated with the latest digital tools, bringing Quickviz to the forefront of the visualization industry.

Our Culture

The Quickviz studio is a fun and collaborative environment, with a team of skilled and hardworking professionals doing what they love. The culture of continuous development cultivated in the company keeps the team updated with the latest digital tools, bringing Quickviz to the forefront of the visualization industry.
Company Brief


Padmapati Koijam

Marketing Manager

David Chait

Account Manager

Pretha Mani

Project Coordinator

Om Dwivedi

Project Coordinator

Shashi Ranjan

Technical Manager

Vikrant Panchal

Technical Manager



At Quickviz, we manifest your design through 3D interior and exterior renderings, video fly-throughs, 360 VR, 3D plans, and product visualizations that accurately translate your vision to best communicate your designs to all stakeholders.


Our renders penetrate into the minute details to present wholesome collateral tailored to channel your process, from conceptualization and investment pitches to pre-sales marketing.


We believe in aiding your design process through a work process that effortlessly flows into yours. Through interaction and discussion, we deliver your requirements and create your vision for the stakeholders to experience.


Our adept team, aided with advanced technology, renders images closest to reality. Focus on exploring materials, forms, and ideas, and leave the communication to our team of experts who are professionals from the fields of art & technology.


Our industry is manned by limited time and resources, which directly impacts the success of a project. Addressing this urgency, we work hard to ensure a quick turnaround in our work process and maintain rapid and frequent communication.


Quickviz covers the visualization aspect while designers and architects can focus on experimenting with newer forms, materials, and techniques without the pressure of communicating a dynamic idea to the clients. To help shape a better-built environment and reduce the possibility of construction errors, we create the 3D model with the minutest details.


A premium architectural visualization service customized and suited to cater to your specific needs.
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