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All Peoples Church, California

All Peoples Church is a new church construction in Del Cerro, San Diego, at the intersection of interstate-8 and College Avenue Street, where the community is significantly involved in the development of the neighborhood.

The Quickviz team was brought in by the All Peoples Church (APC) to create a 3D video showcasing the schematic design of the project and its effect on the architectural fabric of the neighborhood. Quickviz used photographs provided by the APC team and information available on google earth to comprehend and model the surrounding context of the project. The video highlighted various aspects of the project including the proposed church building, proposed landscape visible from the interstate and the neighborhood. The video successfully communicated the project's design intent to the Del Cerro community and propelled the project to the final stages of the city council approval. 

3D Renderings serve diverse uses for architects, builders, developers and owners of the project. In every project, one major milestone is the approval of the community and city council. This is particularly significant in locations where community involvement has an extensive influence on any new development. Such circumstances benefit from the use of high quality 3D renderings and animation to effectively communicate the design intent of the project to the community and council.

The Quickviz team worked assiduously  with the All Peoples Church team and the project architect, Kenneth D Smith Architects, based in El Cajon California. We are pleased our efforts were successful in propelling this project forward and we look forward to creating more videos to take other projects forward.


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