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Through virtual reality, one can present a project in a close to reality, immersive experience. Our VR 360s provide the ability to virtually step into a room or building where the viewer can look around and develop a better understanding of the entire design concept with material, colors and furnishings within that space. The VR 360 tool engages the viewer and is more effective in communicating the design of the space as compared to renderings, floor plans or physical models. The simulations generated through 360 VR can immensely contribute to investigating safety and security loopholes that might have escaped the designer’s eye in plans and modelling. While offering spatial awareness, VR 360 tours also bridge the gap between a design vision and practical reality. 

Virtual reality as a technology has seen rapid development in recent years. In the field of Architecture and Design, advances in VR technology have paved the path to a better, more efficient, and faster design process. At Quickviz, we visualize the potential of design ideas through beautiful, true-to-life imagery, efficiently conveying how a project translates into a real-life experience!


A premium architectural visualization service customized and suited to cater to your specific needs.
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