Why you should outsource your 3D Visualization Services

November 1, 2017

The process of developing a project from idea to physical realization can be a tedious and stressful job involving various stakeholders, vendors, tradesmen, city permits etc – be it a small kitchen renovation job or a full scale multi million dollar development. Clients want to know what the project will look like early on in the design process – possibly in all conditions, and with all additions / subtractions and various iterations if necessary. They may not have time to visit the physical site as work continues and it does not make practical sense to create a physical mockup to justify the cost.

With Architectural Rendering technology you can now view your project in simulated conditions such as different lighting configurations, various options for layouts, positioning or items in a landscape project, or even see how a building exterior can look from day to night. Different textures and materials can also be simulated in real world lighting environments to give clients a very crisp understanding of what different style options can look like. Colors and materials can be darkened or lightened or even be swapped out with other material options with relative ease and relatively low cost without having full scale expensive mock ups developed on site.

Outsourcing 3D rendering and modelling can provide your company with a cost benefit that can be upto 60% when compared to recruiting an in-house team for the same process. To have an in house team requires one to shell out approximately 80k-100k USD per year per 3D artist and the overheads that come along with it.

Here are some ways how outsourcing 3D modelling can be advantageous for your business:

  • Increase your profit margin: The cost for setting up an in house team involves various overhead costs – professional high end workstations, software, licenses and technological infrastructure alone can cost a bomb. Not to mention the cost of the artist themselves and the cost of having an IT support team to manage your systems. There is also the possibility of loss during downtime between projects. With outsourcing, however, you hire an already established professional 3D studio setup who works on your project only for the time that you need them to be involved. With this comes the advantage of lesser operational costs, increased effectiveness of your design proposition and as a result directly improves your bottom line.
  • Unbeatable quality: Your outsourcing partner will be an expert in 3D modelling, with systems, infrastructure and processes plus cumulatively many years of experience in both animation and rendering. This ensures 3D models are built to perfection with minimum loss in time.
  • Consistent services delivered on time:  Having the assurance of a team working with you is more secure than having an individual work for you. A team ensures your work will be completed by the said deadline whether someone falls ill, has to take a break or is on a holiday. No matter the complexity of your 3D modelling project or the volume, you can be assured of consistent services that will be delivered as per your schedule. The same may be difficult to achieve, if you were to handle 3D rendering in-house, with a one person team.
  • Possibility to work on any number of projects simultaneously:  With one 3D visualizer in the team, it becomes difficult to work on more than one view at once, hence the time required to perform multiple renders will be extensive. Outsourcing your renders to a 3D rendering team prevents such problems from occurring.
  • Additional resources minus the management issues: With outsourcing 3D rendering, your company can tap into the competencies of skilled 3D artists, without the hassle of managerial and operational overheads such as quality control, technical support, IT management etc. In fact, you can treat your 3D service provider as an extended arm of your company.
  • No training cost: Since the 3D outsourcing service provider will be in charge of recruiting and training 3D rendering professionals, your company will not have to incur any training costs.
  • Advanced tools and infrastructure: With outsourcing, you will not have to invest in expensive tools, infrastructure, software and licenses. Not to mention the maintenance and upkeep of all these systems.  You can avail high-quality 3D modelling services for your projects, without having to make any heavy investments.

Now of course, many of these are true with the assumption that you find the RIGHT outsourcing team.

Here at Quickviz,  we are a team of professionals with varied backgrounds from Architecture, Civil Engineering and Specialized 3D artists who are knowledgeable in the industry sector and can understand your technical drawings without a hassle. Having our office in the US ensures that we are just a phone call away during your office hours and are available anytime you want to connect with us. We work with you on a realistic budget and aim our best to create a hassle free experience for you.

Our team of professionals here at Quickviz are proud to share with you a select few photorealistic renderings done in the last month. Hope you enjoy viewing them and please contact us at or +1-678-999-2706 if you need any 3D visualization service for your project.

Until next month!


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