WHY use 3D Visualization?

October 2, 2017

Would you like to view your newly constructed office building before it is built? Would you like to take a look at the flooring you have chosen for your house before putting it in? Architectural rendering can help you do all this! Presenting your project or product in a visually appealing form gives you an edge over your competition. For this reason 3D Rendering and Video Walkthroughs are becoming increasingly important selling tools in the world of architectural design and real estate. 

Technology ferries imagination closer to reality. The best example to showcase this is in how 3D modeling and rendering technology has changed the world of architecture & design. It allows for the virtual to engage with the real and successfully accomplish the challenging task of construction in a much more efficient manner.

Over our many years of working in the field of Rendering and Architectural Visualization, we have found these following top six reasons why designers use our 3D Rendering as an essential tool in their design process:

It Enhances and Improves Visual Communication:

From the earliest stages, those invested in a project need to be able to see what it is going to look like once it is completed.  3D visualization like 360 Virtual Tours and Videos can quickly and simply show what a project will look like from beginning to end.

It Easily Shows Concepts and Options for a Project:

There are usually many options and concepts for any project.  This could include different routes for a transportation project or different looks and designs for buildings, or even various design options for an interior renovation. A project rendering can quickly and effectively show project managers and clients alike what different design options will look like.

It is Easily Marketable and Shareable:

With Social Media taking over the world it is important to be able to utilize these channels to get your content to the masses. 3D visualization is a great way to market a concept or project to the public!  For marketing purposes we have found videos to be generally more attractive and effective than .pdfs, images, or other traditional ways to communicate a project.   

It Catches Problems Before Construction:

Because we build your project virtually in 3D using actual design data, we have found that this process is invaluable in finding potential design problems that typical quality control can miss. Because we usually work with data from most disciplines, cross-discipline problems often show up in the visualization process. An example could be discovering that a sound wall blocks an important sign or landmark.

It Saves Time and Money:

We all understand that time saved is money saved.  3D rendering and architectural visualization can help architects and designers work collaboratively and communicate ideas more efficiently. Efficient design communication helps in faster approvals, faster design communication and quicker development.

It Sets Your Project Apart from Competition:

The beauty, simplicity, and extreme visual capabilities of a high quality 3D visualization can communicate your vision in a way that no other medium can match.

Our team of professionals here at Quickviz are proud to share with you a select few photorealistic renderings done in the last month. Hope you enjoy viewing them and please contact us at or 678-999-2706 if you need any 3D visualization service for your project.

Until next month!


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