Real-Time Rendering is changing the Visualization Game

September 20, 2021

In this fast-moving world, the quality of renderings used in the architectural industry has immensely improved due to the advancement in the technology that is used to create them. 

The photorealistic rendering process, which once took hours, is now moving to an almost instantaneous affair. Real-time visualization is becoming an essential tool for the architecture and interior design industry. Considering time is money, it is now becoming necessary for architects and designers to instantly translate one’s imagination into virtual reality and all this is being made possible through Real-Time architectural rendering.

The current technology in architectural visualization provides visualization tools that accelerate the workflow. The latest modelling and rendering software is interactive and enables a shorter and faster rendering process. This efficient process allows for quicker iterations to be curated and for the user to view multiple options while giving them greater control over design decisions. Real-Time visualization completely changes the concept of architectural rendering: the renders are not simple images to embellish the project but everything is perfectly and dynamically integrated.

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), which are specialized types of microprocessors, have recently seen a significant rise in usage in the rendering industry. While conventional rendering processes used Central Processing Units (CPUs) to render out the images, real-time technology maximizes the efficiency of GPUs, thereby remarkably reducing the rendering time. For a CPU to render images at the same speed as a GPU, one would need several CPUs to be interconnected and used in a render farm-like environment. This is not only expensive but also space consuming. With affordable GPU and related VR technology on the rise, the real-time rendering process has become more popular for high-quality images. It is a much simpler way to get renders that enhance the quality of your project but in a very short time.

Real-time renderings are proving to be an efficient tool in the realm of architectural design services. The ability to walk through one’s design, change materials, textures, switch between day and night time, a user-friendly interface and easy editing flexibility takes the experience of visualizing a design to a whole new level.

This does not take away anything from the creation of photorealistic stills or renders, which is an art form of its own and will continue to be part of the print realm. Real-time, on the other hand, pushes the boundaries of visual communication and design. 

At Quickviz, we aim to provide high-quality renderings to our clients. We specialize solely in visualization and have a dedicated team that keeps up to date with the latest trends in visualization. When you work with us, you have access to the latest visualization tools in the market, be it real-time renderings or conventional renderings.

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