Visualization: The Foundation of the AEC Industry

March 16, 2021

According to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) there was a fall in the GDP of the building industry from $665.10 billion to $615.80 billion in the second quarter of 2020. To recover from this economic slump there has been a substantial effort by the AEC industry to enhance its development and encourage thought-based and intelligent design processes. Architects, Real estate developers, Interior designers and others in the AEC industry are developing solutions to streamline the building design process.  

A key feature in this innovative design process is efficient visual communication with the use of photorealistic renders, VR 360 and videos. Architectural visualization is the use of stunning imagery and animation to effectively translate and communicate design ideas from concept to implementation.  Architectural renderings and architectural visualization are indeed the foundation of the AEC industry and the need of the hour. 

According to a recent article by Larry Kim of Inc vision, “The younger generation consumes content radically, especially if they are 3D visuals. ”. People form a first impression in a mere 50 milliseconds. An estimated 84 per cent of communication is visual, and presentations and posts that include images, produce 650 per cent higher engagement than text-only presentations and posts. The above statistics not only prove that visuals are important but project a future where cutting-edge 3D graphics and 3D renders are necessary. 

3D visuals also play an important role in detecting errors in projects at the design stage which allows for a cost-effective design process. This reduces the rate of error in the construction stage and allows for the project to be implemented in a cost and time-efficient manner. Architectural renderings are excellent marketing tools that convey the design concepts to those outside of the construction industry which usually leads to faster approval processes and higher project investments. 

Architectural Visualization simplifies and conveys complex design ideas where the goal is eventually transmitting the idea to its respondents in an appropriate and accurate manner. The future of 3D visualization will continue to become an integral part of the design communication process as building technologies and design thinking strategies advance each day. 

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