How Useful is your 3D Rendering?

April 18, 2018

Through the ages, renderings have much evolved. From the golden days of hand renderings to today where we have digital visualization, renderings have always played an integral part in the design process in Architecture.

Here, we’d like to discuss some great manners we have seen how our Photorealistic 3D Renderings are being used:

Council Approvals:

Renderings can assist you in getting council approval for your design. Typically, literal renderings are more useful for this use, as they communicate the colors and details of the building as true as can be. Getting your design rendered before you take it to the council will help you present your design quickly and accurately. This allows for one to save time while showcasing the practicality of the design. Further, with a high quality visual, designers can quickly convey how the space they have envisioned will impact the environment positively.

Marketing Tool:

A high quality photorealistic rendering with excellent play on lighting will help market the design before it is built. This results in improved efficiency in design communication which inevitably results in greater interest towards the project. A high quality photorealistic rendering is an invaluable tool for a designer to market their services. Professionals of various fields have utilized these visualization tools to leverage their business. Emerging technology like 360 VRs, high quality visuals and videos are powerful marketing tools for all stakeholders in a project.

Client Communication:

3D Renderings are a powerful visual communication tool. When communicating design ideas with clients, it is key to have good feedback from them especially in the beginning stages of the design. It is important that as designers, we are able to reach a common ground between design functionality, practicality, and aesthetics which will not only satisfy the clients’ requirements but ensure project success as a whole. This is where renderings are used to communicate the experiential quality of the design. Aiding clients understand the feel of the space will increase the level of client engagement.

Design Communication:

Additionally, 3D Renderings are also a great visual aid in communicating ideas with other designers. This is important for design analysis purposes and a flexible, cost-saving tool for design experiment. How structures would perform during different times of the day – with light and shadow or multi-use programmes.

Interior designers can use renderings to help them determine the arrangement of furniture and experiment with color schemes. Landscape architects can convey their artistry and strategize the placement of various flora through these visualizations tools.  Architects can use these visualization tools to communicate their ideas to clients from conception to the final implementation.

Overall, having a hyper realistic, high quality drawing empowers designers to build a stronger brand on their service.

We at Quickviz, aim to deliver a custom high quality visualization service to our clients. We work with your design timeline, including faster deadlines, without compromising on quality. Our team at Quickviz would like to show you some of the work we did last month, hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed creating them. Please reach out to us at or at 678-999-2706 for any visualization requirements.


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