3D Visualization in the AEC Industry

October 19, 2021

3D visuals are powerful tools to communicate an idea, a concept or a design, it is also used to market that idea at the conceptual stage.

Visualization in the AEC industry has come a long way from presenting the design to the client for approvals and is now used at every stage of the project - from bidding for projects, getting client and council approvals, to marketing the project as well as generating investment pre construction. 3D visuals, be it still images or videos, efficiently exhibit the interior design as well as the architecture of the project. Whether one is trying to pre sell the project or to win a bid, photorealistic 3D visuals are finding growing usage in the AEC industry.

We explore how 3D visuals is being used as an essential tool in the AEC industry: 

Architects use 3D visuals to communicate their design as well as quicken the decision making process. With high quality 3D visuals, architects and their clients can detect problems or flaws in the project design in the early stages. Visually seeing the design also allows the client to easily approve or disapprove the design, the layout and other factors of the project during the design stage itself, before construction. This saves the client time and money. 

Builders and Developers have greatly benefitted from 3D visuals not just in the marketing of the project but also in the construction stage. High quality 3D visuals highlight the unique USPs of the project to potential investors and buyers, acting as a relevant tool in communicating the project’s scope of design and it’s development. The BIM 3D models also help builders by allowing a thorough analysis of the entire project. These tools are used to provide accurate estimates of the monetary requirement as well as alert the design team of potential conflicts or faulty design in the project. 

Interior designers use 3D visuals to finalize layout, furniture and furnishing selections. The spectrum of information that 3D visuals can convey makes it a game-changer in the interior design industry. When designing the interiors of a space, multiple material samples, wall finishes, flooring design and lighting choices can be conveyed to the client through a single visual. High Quality rendered images, videos or VR tours are accurately able to communicate the effect of fixtures, furniture and lighting on the overall composition of a room. A well designed interior can significantly increase the value of the project and a high quality render that accurately reflects this design can remarkably increase the investment, marketing or resale value of the property.

Sketches and 2D drawings do not do due justice in highlighting the details that make a high value project stand out. Animated visuals, videos or VR 360 allows for the client to visualize the details of an upcoming project better while allowing the client to also experience the virtual walkthrough of the proposed project. This allows for potential buyers and investors a better view of the property and understand what makes the project unique. The potential investor can walk through the entry of their future home, reach the lobby and even visualize guests in their living space. They can see all this before a single brick has been laid out! This approach is an effective pre-sales tool that sparks the emotions of the target potential client and is now becoming an integral marketing tool in the Real Estate Industry.

For a decade now, 3D visualization has been working as a catalyst in many industries, especially Design, Architecture, Engineering and Construction. These industries are constantly growing, and so are their demands. People want to make sure their imagination takes the perfect shape in reality, and customers demand to see the final result at the early stages of a project.

Whether you are an Architect, Builder, Developer or Interior Designer, a high quality 3D visual will not only effectively convey your design but will also save you time, energy and money.

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