How Lighting affects your 3D Render

February 6, 2018

A picture can evoke a variety of emotions. Emotions impact decision making. Whether a restaurant owner would feel pleasant and “can see” her customers eating there happily or whether homeowners could “feel right” cooking in their future kitchen for years to come, all have to do with the emotional response elicited by their perception of the space. That is why it is important to present them with a picture that is not only beautiful but also generates a strategized ambience and looks realistic. One of the factors that elevates the realism of an image is lighting. 

Lighting makes a huge difference in the impact of a picture, as it affects the mood we are trying to convey. Through our choice of lighting, we can tailor the mood of the image according to the audience. Some lighting can communicate an upbeat feel, while another can communicate warmth and comfort.

We can also look at lighting in terms of what time of day the image is set in. The four settings of light we typically use are: day, dawn, dusk and night. A day-time image mimics the brightness of afternoon light. When used in a commercial space, it could envision a bustling business time. An image in night-time depicts a dark exterior surrounding with light typically coming from the building. A dawn image is characterized by soft, subdued colors and a hazy effect, which may feel calm and softly alluring. In contrast, an image in dusk lighting is characterized by intense hues. Like a sunset, it evokes romanticism and energy.

Whether you are doing a presentation, an idea proposal or a pitch, aligning your choice of lighting and the audience’s emotional response to the visual allows you more control in the direction of your presentation. In order to achieve this though, we need to make sure that our visuals convincingly portray our design. This is where photorealism and your choice of light setting come in.

A photorealistic image help the end-user see the design in real space and convincingly experience how it would feel before it is materialized. As a result, it is easier for them to point out any necessary changes before the actual implementation of the design. While it is important for the end-user to be able to feel the space, a realistic visual is also key for fellow designers to envision the design ideas thoroughly in order to maximize the performance of the structure. Seeing the same exterior view of a building in different light settings, for example, aids in the process of understanding how it would perform in different times of day. When teamed up together, the right selection of lighting and photorealism compounds the impact of your visuals, and by extension adds to the value of the idea you’re trying to communicate as well.

A great quality image also helps communicate the amount of care the designer is willing to put for your clients. At DJIS, we have a team of illustrators who take both the ambiance and the performance factors into account in delivering our renderings. Therefore, we can help communicate the designers’ taste, refinement and professionalism essential to building credibility in your customer relationships. Through years of experience our production team has garnered under their belt, they are able to grasp the ambiance and care you want to present in a speedy turn-around time. Our process includes 2 revisions and 24-48 hours lead time. So we’re able to help you present with a high quality visual without much hassle!

Our team at DJIS Visual Media Services has had the privileged of working with some wonderful designers last month and would to show you some of the work we did with them. Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed creating them, please reach out to us at or at 678-999-2706 for any visualization requirements.

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