How can 3D visualization aid in building a better future?

October 20, 2022

In the larger context, our future is defined by the space we inhabit, the places we go to and the city we live in. Be it a home, a community, a school, a bank or a city square, every place one visits is influenced by architecture. We explore how 3D rendering and the tool of architectural visualization  will continue to be instrumental in shaping our built environment. 

  1. Enables experimentation

Architectural visualization has seen growth in the last decade. Gone are the days of spending hours on hand drawn perspective renderings. Today, 3D software makes the work half as easy and time efficient. Advanced technology easily converts ideas to visual representations. Additionally, one does not need advanced skills as there are professional rendering service providers who offer top-notch renderings, thereby leaving time for experimentation with forms, materials and design vocabulary. 

  1. Picturize what is to be built

Being able to visualize and experience a space that is yet to be built leaves little room for errors and confusion. Today, with flythrough and 3D rendering options, one can picturize the minutest of details. Thus, architectural visualization helps vet every corner of a space to be built and ensures that the design concept that is ideated will be implemented. 

  1. Convincing Stakeholders

The right architectural visualization tool is often the key to converting an idea into a project, especially at larger urban infrastructure and city development scales. The built environment is a resource-intensive industry in which investment is crucial. A detailed virtual experience of a space, through mediums of walkthroughs and flythroughs, has more often than not, been instrumental in communicating the idea and intention behind the design. 

  1. Resource Sensitivity 

The built environment requires a summable investment of time, energy and money. It consumes resources from the conceptualization stage to post-construction sales. This is where architectural visualization and 3D renderings come into the picture. 3D visuals allow one to cross check and approve all details of the project pre-construction, thereby allowing for a streamlined construction process. These 3D visuals can also be used for pre-sales marketing. 

At Quickviz, we design all our 3D renders, images and videos to enable designers to invest quality time creating the space, thereby collaboratively building a better-built environment for the future. Please contact us at for efficient translation of your design ideas through Quickviz architectural and 3D rendering services.


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