How 3D Visualization Transforms Interior Design

July 6, 2021

Architects, Interior Designers, Real Estate Developers, Builders and other stakeholders in the AEC industry utilize photorealistic renderings to simplify and effectively communicate complex design ideas. Rendering tools like photorealistic still images, videos, and VR 360s appropriately and accurately share the design concept to the end-user for various purposes, be it for design approvals, marketing the space or for generating investment in the project.

An interior rendering is a scaled sketch of the interior design or spatial plan. It specifies what items, such as structural components, furniture, furnishings, and appliances, will be present in the area and where they will be positioned. Interior renderings are valuable at any point in the design and build process. They can be used to present a concept, promote a real estate project, and even to minimize errors in the construction process. 

High quality 3D visuals are excellent tools for collaboration and can eliminate misunderstandings between the designer, client and investor. Providing clients with a visual of the suggested design aids in effectively communicating the designer's concept and hence creates a better flow of information between designer, the client and the builder. 

The spectrum of information that 3D visuals can convey makes it a game changer in the design industry. When it comes to designing the interiors of a space, multiple material samples, wall finishes, flooring design and lighting choices can be conveyed to the client through a single visual. High quality rendered images, videos or VR tours are accurately able to communicate the effect of fixtures, furniture, furnishings and lighting on the overall composition of a room. 

E.g. a specific light fixture can be modeled and rendered according to it’s specifications and immediately be used to showcase its effect on the overall look and feel of the space. Thereby, 3D renders allows one insight to various purchase decisions amidst the constant debate of choosing the right decor.  

A well designed interior can significantly increase the value of the project and a high quality render that accurately reflects this design can remarkably increase the investment, marketing or resale value of the property. With the use of our 3D visualization services, interior designers now communicate their design through high quality visuals that are not only time and cost efficient but also a more accurate reflection of their design.

Our team at Quickviz consists of highly trained professionals with backgrounds in architecture, interior design, and visual media. When you work with Quickviz, we understand that every project is unique, important, and is a representation of your firm. With our highly collaborative process, our goal is to make sure  your design stands out.

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