Go Green with 3D Rendering

January 9, 2018

At DJIS Visual Media Services, we are proud of what we do. Not only because we enjoy what we’re doing, but also because we know that the use of 3D renderings is impacting the environment. To be precise, our process and final products offer an eco-friendly alternative to the design and construction process.

The visualization practice, before renderings became digital, involved building physical mockups of the proposed design. While this greatly helped in conveying the concept idea, it did not give scope for realistic visualization of finer details like the trim on a roof, shape of a banister, etc. Also, any change in design involved scrapping the entire previous model and rebuilding the new model from scratch. These physical mockups used various materials including  wood, paper, chipboard and plastic which were considered waste once the project design phase was completed. This process, while helpful in conveying the design concept, ensued a lot of physical waste post design phase. Physical mockups were also time consuming and included a lot more man hours which translated into it being more expensive.

In the electronic visualization process, we help communicate ideas easily by creating a visual of plans and designs. The designs come to us through emails and we send it back as computer files. On receipt of feedback we proceed to make the required revisions to the previous draft, sending electronic revisions back and forth with the designers. This form of design communication helps reduce the paper and pulp waste.

Since our Illustrators make three dimensional images, the design can be communicated as if it was made in real space. The rendered image would imitate the materials and textures in real life. Hence, it provides an alternative to actually constructing a physical model which would require using building material. In contrast to drawing, we can visualize ideas into electronic form without always having them in print. In banks, they call this process “To Go Paperless” to encourage us to do it, and we also urge everyone to! Because why not save trees and feel good knowing you are making a (small) change to the environment.

Post the rendering and design process we also save resources in the construction phase since ideas can be clearly viewed and decided upon before actually building it. Electronic renderings allows one to photorealistically view all the materials, texture and details. This allows one to mix-match the colors, texture, materials and finalize the design before construction starts. This comes in handy, as switching up the ‘woods’ and ‘marbles’ requires efforts and creates waste in the environment.

Also, implementing ideas may involve a lot of people in the design, construction & decision making process . You will be able to take the electronic file that we’ve produced and easily translate it to your presentation or email it to whomever you want, which again saves hundreds of paper on copying and printing!

Hope you are having a wonderful start to the New Year. Our team at DJIS Visual Media Services would like to show you some of the work we did last month and we wish you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed creating them. Please reach out to us at or 678-999-2706 for any visualization requirements.

Until next month!


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