Communicating Architecture with 3D Walkthroughs

August 19, 2021

The development in technology over the last decade has led to significant advancement in the Architecture and Design Industry. Hand-drawn sketches, which were once the only form of communicating one’s design, is now a thing of the past. Architectural visualization took a leap forward when digital photorealistic renders were introduced in the industry. Photorealistic 3D renders have now paved the way for photorealistic animation as a tool for communicating one's design. Hence, 3D walkthroughs are now witnessing an age of incredible popularity, particularly in the AEC industry. Designing comes naturally to architects, but presenting it well is the real challenge, and 3D visualization tools such as walkthroughs make this process much easier. 

The process of creating a 3D architectural walkthrough is an amalgamation of modelling, animation, music and storytelling. A high quality walkthrough gives the viewer a clear understanding of the project while also giving them an experience to remember. A 3D walkthrough enables one to communicate the project design with the added dimension of time. This allows the viewer to experience the project rather than just view it as an image. 

3D walkthroughs are increasingly becoming an integral tool in marketing and generating investment for projects pre construction. These high quality rendered videos allow one to use visual storytelling and bring focus to the more critical aspects of the design. The ability to visualize and get a holistic perspective of the overall surrounding in one clip is what makes it a successful visualization tool. 

Walkthroughs have also become an essential part of the presentations to clients and developers by AEC professionals and real estate agents. This is primarily because they eliminate the need for a client to rely on their imagination, or interpretation and allows them to experience a virtual walkthrough of a space before it gets built. The benefits of a 3D walkthrough are not just limited to showcasing the final result, but also in  saving time and money, while enabling clients and designers to collaborate and develop the design before execution. The walkthrough gives the viewer a clear sense of what the project would look like pre construction allowing one to approve design ideas and make relevant changes before reaching the execution stage.

Animation, in general, has become the number one marketing tool across all industries. 3D architectural walkthrough services, in particular, are among the most popular visualization services sought by Architects, Interior Designers, Investors, Homeowners, Businesses and Real-estate Contractors.

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