2D CAD Drawings and Drafting

September 13, 2018

The visual language of a drawing opens up the communication of ideas to bring them into reality.  In many architectural practices, a building’s floor plan must be understood before designing any other element. A drawing is a tool that allows people to understand a space’s potential before the design is even incorporated. This is why drawings make up the cornerstone of design communication and implementation.

When an idea is born, it is easy to sketch out that idea on paper. 2D drafting is the process of creating and editing these hand sketched design into technical drawings, essential to accurately represent the proposed design. The 2D Construction Drawing Set provides all the required information that will allow a contractor to construct and build to life the proposed design. 2d drawing on CAD software can be tedious and frustrating. Taking up valuable time to utilize these complex tools to create technical drawings.  Outsourcing these services to professionals who use these software day in and day out, can help reduce your cost by upto 50%. It can also reduce your overheads and down-time costs as you pay for what you use.

When you choose our company for your drafting needs, our team will create drawings that are informative, neat, easy to read, and accurate. These files are ideal for architectural design communication, city permits approvals and in construction. Our goal for our CAD services it to simply offer precise, dimensional correct CAD files that also reflect your exact specifications at affordable rates. All you have to do is send us your hand sketched drawings and we will do the rest.

A 2D Drawing Set for a residence typically includes: Sheet List / Cover page which contains project information, Existing Plan, Demolition Plan, Proposed Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Furniture Layout Plan (Optional), Elevation Drawings (contains all millwork and wall elevation drawings), Section Drawings, Electrical Layout, Plumbing Layout Details (as required), Schedules (Furniture, Fixtures, etc).

These computer-aided design (CAD) drawings are very helpful in communicating floor plans, building permit drawings, building inspection plans, and landscaping layout. A change in the design doesn’t require one to physically draw out the entire set as one would have to do with  hand drawing set. Using CAD services mean the changes you require are a few clicks away, a couple of hours at max. This directly reduces time spent on the project and hence reduces the overall cost of the project.

You design, We draw it up, You get approvals, Construction begins. Effectively communicating an idea using 2D plans gives our client’s confidence in their plan and strategy. And being able to  implement these ideas brings our client’s success. Some of the greatest creative achievements began with a simple drawing.

Send us your hand sketched drawings, and our experienced CAD technicians will redraw them as high-quality and accurate DWG files to your exact specifications. From your sketches, paper drawings, text files and other inputs we create the complete set of construction drawings you need for permits and contractor bids. From You will save both time and money by letting DJIS VMS convert your old drawings into intelligent CAD files.

Our team at DJIS Visual Media Services would like to show you some of the work we did last month. Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed creating them. Please contact or to reach out for any visualization requirements

Until next month!


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