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​​The Quick Quack Car Wash, California

The Quick Quack Car Wash project is a new car wash in Indio, California. The Quickviz team was brought in to create the 3D visuals and video for this project to illustrate the proposed car wash to the community and its contextual response in the neighborhood. 

The Quickviz team worked closely with the Architects at PM Design Group, based in Irvine California, to create visuals that would successfully communicate the design intent of the project. The project acquired approvals from the council and community, facilitating the swift construction that began in 2019 and completed in the summer of 2020.  This car wash has been servicing the residents of Indio, California, since. The Quickviz team thoroughly enjoyed working with Ar. Jeff Leiderman and the entire team PM Design Group, we are thrilled that our efforts successfully gained approvals for our clients. 

The role of 3D renders in detecting errors at the design stage, enables and expedites a cost-effective design process — reducing the rate of error in the construction stage. This recent project by Quickviz established itself as a benchmark in facilitating this efficiency in cost and time.

Architectural renderings are excellent marketing tools – conveying design concepts that aid in faster approval processes and higher project investments. Constantly evolving visualization technology has made it possible to create hyper-realistic renderings, thereby enabling a successful pre-sales process allowing one to generate investment pre-construction. 

At Quickviz, we visualize the potential of design ideas through beautiful, true-to-life imagery, efficiently conveying how a project translates into a real-life experience! Get a quote for your project now!


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