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The Music Factory, Missouri

The Music Factory is an upcoming concert venue in Chesterfield Missouri designed by Sustaita Architects and developed by The Staenberg Group. The venue is a beautiful two-storied performance centre with a large auditorium, stage and seating area. Quickviz was engaged to render a video, showcasing the design with the purpose of generating investment for the project. Our team worked hard in modeling and perfecting details to highlight the state-of-the-art indoor music venue, designed to cater to 3000 people.

We greatly enjoyed working with both the architects (Sustaita Architects, Missouri) and the developers (The Staenberg Group, Missouri) for this project and we look forward to bringing more projects to life in the North America region.

We are a premium architectural visualization company, specializing in creating powerful and engaging visuals that effortlessly communicate design. From video flythroughs, interior and exterior renderings, to 3D plan renderings, product visualizations and 360 VR - all designed to the highest standards of precision to give you a real-time experience of your designed space.


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