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The Lakewood Residence, New Jersey | Interior Walkthrough

The Lakewood Residence is a 5000 sq. ft. home in New Jersey with interiors designed by Carolyn Benedikt Interiors. Quickviz was brought on board to render the designer’s vision into visuals that would effectively communicate the proposed design. 

The 3D video created by Quickviz highlighted the modern design of the space and its expansive layout with large floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the outdoor pool. The video also helped the clients visualize each interior space, including the transition between the indoor pool, home gym and the open deck area. After a few minor changes to the render and a successful presentation, the design and internal layout was approved and finalized.

High Quality 3D Renderings allows one to present the design idea in a manner which is accurate and visually appealing. The renders cover minute details and help identify and implement changes very early in the design process before the construction begins. This leads to a more cost and time efficient design process. Project Stakeholders also appreciate the efficient design communication achieved through high-quality 3D renders and videos.


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