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The Lakewood Residence, New Jersey | Exterior Walkthrough

Located in New Jersey, the Lakewood residence is a 5000 sq. ft two storey home designed by Monteforte Architectural Studio. Quickviz was brought on board to render a realistic exterior video of the private residence to help communicate the design to the homeowners. 

The 3D video demonstrates the unique transformation of the outdoor  pool in the backyard to an indoor pool through an automated sliding deck cover. It also displays how the backyard can be used to host parties and entertain, when the pool is covered. 

Our goal at Quickviz is to visually translate design ideas in a manner that highlights the unique design of the project. High quality renderings usually translate to faster design approvals. The 3D video created by Quickviz strategically highlighted the intricate details that made the design of this residence special, ensuring that the designers’ hard work is rightfully translated. 

Our Quickviz team is glad we were able to help one of our oldest clients, Monteforte Architectural Studio, receive accolades for their amazing work. We look forward to creating more visuals that rightfully represent our client’s work and boost our collective success in the North American region. 


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