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The Harness Park, Connecticut

The Harness Park Project is a luxury residential complex planned to be constructed in Long Island Sound, a beautiful estuary in Connecticut. Quickviz had the privilege of working with Odyssey Group, a real estate firm based in New York, to curate a range of marketing visuals to draw the attention of investors. 

Quickviz helped in the project's conceptual phase, visualizing the most accurate set of marketing renderings and diving into the minutiae of details. The Harness Park residential complex features recreational activity zones like a swimming pool, pool house, basketball court and tennis court. Furthermore, the rear side of the design takes advantage of the expansive ocean view of the Atlantic Ocean with floor to ceiling windows in each room. The video created by Quickviz successfully communicated the project's design intent and propelled the project to the final stages of acquiring financial resources. 

Translating ideas into real-time 3D renders to ameliorate the pre-construction process, Quickviz has thoroughly enjoyed working with Mike Artis and the Odyssey team. It is gratifying to see our renderings add success to our clients, and we look forward to creating visuals that will boost the development of more real estate projects in the US.


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