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​​The Danbury Animal Welfare Society, Connecticut

The Danbury Animal Welfare Society is a non-profit animal shelter in Bethel, CT. Having served the community for the last five decades, DAW Society planned to renovate and expand its facility to cater to the community's growing needs. Quickviz was brought on board to create visuals that would highlight the proposed design, while maintaining efficient, two-way visual communication through 3D renders and a walkthrough video. 

Quickviz curated an array of 3D renders and walkthrough snippets to capture the developments in the design – the exterior expansion of the building and the proposed interior design.  The 3D renders aided in the successful fundraising of $2 million for the renovation of Danbury Animal Welfare Society. The project broke ground in March 2022 and the renovation of this shelter is currently underway!

The Quickviz team worked closely with Architect Lynne Persan and Alice Meenan, the Marketing Director of the Danbury Animal Welfare Society, to create visuals that would highlight the proposed design and how it could benefit the community. The modernistic-renovated centre permits DAWS the essential spatial support for additional rescues, encouraging adoptions and providing better, in-house medical care for the animals. 

In the contemporary design world, the ease at which we can craft 3D forms and photo-realistic renders significantly impacts the results the design can have in shaping communities. Quickviz is pleased to have been part of this community service effort and we look forward to contributing much more in the future.


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