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Quiet Cove, Florida

Quiet Cove is a new condominium development at Tampa Bay’s waterfront. Quickviz was brought in to create 3D visuals and videos that would efficiently communicate the envisioned design to the community and potential investors of this new development. 

The intent was to visually communicate the condos' bright, spacious and modern style and bring the breathtaking proposed design to life.  The 3D video created by Quickviz also showcased the project's accessibility to the waterfront and portrayed public and private facilities like elevators and the beautiful community pool. All the stakeholders were elated with the delivered renders, which are now being used for marketing and generating investment for the project. 

In 2021, the new owners decided to develop the land into a 14-unit luxury residential community overseeing the serene marinas. A group of architects and landscape designers were commissioned to design the condos equipped with facilities like a swimming pool and a parking lot. Quickviz collaborated with architect Gym Wilson, landscape architect Thomas Rodgers and listing agent Manny Baginski of Coldwell Banker to create 3D visuals addressing their thoughts and highlighting the new development's features. 


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