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Logistics Park Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Travero is a subsidiary of Alliant Energy –a logistics company that focuses on warehousing and transportation solutions. A new Travero facility, the Logistics Park Cedar Rapids (LPCR), was planned in Iowa as one of the largest rail-served public warehouses and transport-load facilities. Aspect Architecture (Iowa) drove the project's design, while GLD Construction was put in command of its construction. 

The Quickviz team was brought in to create 3D visuals that would highlight the details of this warehouse. Quickviz's 3D video effortlessly demonstrated the various access points of the campus via major cities in and around Iowa. Additionally, the 3D walkthrough maps out the four proposed warehouses along with their locations on site, the 39-truck docking bay and four rail-car docks that facilitates the freight to be transferred between the warehouse, train-cars and trucks.

The 3D walkthroughs and renderings generated by Quickviz, proved to be successful in the pre-construction marketing of the facility. As a result, the first warehouse was rapidly developed within a year of construction courtesy the pre-bookings by the clientele even before the groundbreaking in September 2021.  

The Logistics Park Cedar Rapids is the largest warehousing facility in Iowa, this 145-acre campus is intended to house four 250,000 sq ft warehouses that are food grade certified. Quickviz created 3D visuals to communicate design intent of the project. This visualization exercise was to showcase the facility's final designs to prospective distributors pre-construction, while simultaneously serving as a visual aid during the construction phase. 

Quickviz is delighted to be a contributor to the success of this project, enhancing Iowa's supply chain operations, while also boosting the local economy through job opportunities. We are eager to continue collaborating on initiatives that would encourage the local economy in various parts of the country.


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