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Jewish Federation of Metropolitan, Illinois

The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago is one of the largest humanitarian institutions in the United States. In 2018, the organization decided to renovate the entrance area and lobby of their headquarters. 

The design of the renovation was headed by Studio 121, a commercial interior design firm based in Tennessee, USA. Quickviz was brought in to create the 3D visuals that would be used to generate investment for the renovation of this historic building. The Quickviz team collaborated with the Studio 121 Principal Architect Brandy Abruzzo and Interior Designer Stacie Holland to create visuals that would holistically showcase the design details of the renovation. The video fly-throughs and 3D renders propelled the project forward and contributed to its successful completion in 2021. 

With headquarters in Chicago (Illinois), The Jewish Federation offers critical resources - food, refuge, healthcare, education and emergency assistance to millions of Jews in the US, Israel, and worldwide. Quickviz is grateful to have contributed to the renovation of this historic project and look forward to propelling more projects successfully forward.


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