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Iowa City High School, Iowa

Quickviz presents to you our latest architectural rendering project, Iowa City High School done in collaboration with BLDD Architects who are based in Illinois, USA. This 30 million dollar project was commissioned to BLDD Architects for the renovation and upgrade of the Iowa City High School. The renovation included adding a new building on the east side of the campus along with adding a 2000 seat, two story athletic gym, locker rooms, a modern cafeteria and installation of air conditioning in the entire school. The rendered video created by Quickviz was successful in propelling the project forward. The construction phase of this project began in September 2019 and completed in 2020.

Quickviz greatly enjoyed working with BLDD Architects in creating the video for the Iowa City High School and we look forward to creating more videos for Educational Buildings in the North America Region this year.

At Quickviz, we visualize the potential of design ideas through beautiful, true-to-life imagery, efficiently conveying how a project translates into a real-life experience. With technology constantly being improved and pushing the boundaries of visual communications, the team at Quickviz delivers the highest quality renderings with meticulous attention to every detail.


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