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Grant Road Neighborhood, Rhode Island

Quickviz presents to you our latest architectural rendering for the Grant Road Neighborhood. The Grant Road Residential project is an innovative residential development in the heart of Harvard, Massachusetts, by the architectural firm Union Studios, Rhode Island. In collaboration with Union Studio, our team managed to complete this project in 6 weeks, with teams working in tandem on rendering the design and the landscape. We had a blast working on this project with Douglas Kallfelz and his team, and we hope to bring more videos to life for architects around the US and Canada.

The design focuses on a contemporary residential complex surrounded by a lush landscape. We visualized the building proposed, and also the landscape of the site, which was an exciting experience for us!

Quickviz is a premium architectural visualization studio that aims to transform architectural ideas into immersive visualization experiences. We are a team of seasoned professionals with expertise in the latest cutting edge visualization technology.


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