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Gordon Drive Residence, Florida

In 2023, Florida's real estate market was enriched by the introduction of the Gordon Drive Residence, a symbol of luxury and modern living. This project, led by the esteemed luxury listing agent Andrew Arreola and developed by Commercial Development Company, Inc., was not just a residence but a beacon of high-end real estate in the region. The endeavor was not just about creating a residence; it was about setting a new benchmark for high-end real estate in the region. Entrusted with visualizing this ambitious project was Quickviz Co., known for their exceptional capabilities in real estate visualizations.

The project's vision, articulated by Andrew Arreola and Tom Roberts from Commercial Development Company, Inc., was a compelling one. The objective was to develop a video walkthrough that would captivate prospective buyers and showcase the splendor of the Gordon Drive Residence.

Quickviz Co. was tasked with creating a fly-through video that began with a striking front elevation view, then seamlessly transitioned through the first floor, highlighting the elegantly designed kitchen, living area, and master bedroom. The visual journey extended outdoors, showcasing the luxurious living area, the serene pool, and culminating with the detached pool cabana. This visualization was critical in providing a detailed and immersive preview of the property, a task that required close collaboration with Andrew and Tom to ensure accuracy and alignment with the development’s vision.

Quickviz Co.'s delivery was exemplary, exceeding the client’s expectations and earning high praise. Andrew Arreola and Tom Roberts were particularly impressed with the outcome, which significantly contributed to attracting potential buyers. This successful collaboration has been a point of pride for Quickviz Co., further cementing their status as a leader in luxury real estate visualization. As the construction of the Gordon Drive Residence progresses, Quickviz Co. cherishes the opportunity to have worked with Tom Roberts and looks forward to future ventures that continue to elevate the standard of luxury real estate presentation.


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