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East Hamptons Residence, New York

The 23 Peach Farm Ln residential project is a beautiful double story residence located in the charming and spacious neighborhood of East Hamptons, New York. This quaint and charming residence is characterized by its bright and open floor plan, beautiful and modern kitchen with granite countertops and hardwood floors. The bedrooms are large and filled with natural light and the view of the 3 acre backyard from each room is nothing short of serene. 

The Quickviz team was brought in during the conceptual stage of this project, to create the renderings and video for the project that would not only aid in the marketing and pre-sale of the property but would also assist in getting approvals from the city and neighborhood for construction. 

3D renderings play a significant role in the successful marketing, sale and construction of all residential and commercial projects. High quality visuals highlight the unique selling points of the project to potential clients, acting as a relevant tool in communicating the project’s scope of design, it’s development and its potential. 

Our team, at Quickviz, had a wonderful experience working with Nunzio Zappola and the Zappola construction team. Since our team was brought in during the conceptual phase, we were also part of the ideation of the 3D visuals and thoroughly enjoyed working with the Zappola construction team. We look forward to creating more renderings for the real estate industry. 


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