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Denver Public Library, Colorado

Built in 1962, the Denver Public Library is a very valuable resource to the community of Denver city. Studiotrope Design Collective, an architectural studio based in Denver, was brought in as the architectural team to lead its new design and the Atlanta-based Quickviz team, was brought in as the visualization studio to create the renders for the project. Studiotrope led a very collaborative design process. The new design of the library reflects several months of community input with a guiding concept in mind: enabling the library as an incubator for growth.

The Quickviz team was brought in to create the video and animation for the proposed design, where the main intent of the video was to show the community what the new design was going to look like, and to get council approvals, while generating investment pre-construction. The Quickviz team worked with Joseph Montalbano, principal architect of Studiotrope Design Collective and his team in creating the 3D video for the library.

The video was successful in accomplishing its intent, the community was happy and investment was received. This project is now in the early stages of construction and along with the residents of Denver, the Quickviz team is excited to see this beautiful design come to life by the end of next year. Quickviz had a great team working with the team at Studiotrope and Denver Public Library and we look forward to working on more projects for the city in the future.


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