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Cross Road Church, California

In 2023, the community of California witnessed the conceptualization of the Cross Road Church project, a significant undertaking aimed at enhancing spiritual and community spaces. Jackson Durand of Durand Architectural Engineering led this project, focusing on the development of three key structures: the Compassion Center, and the remodels of the Elementary School & Pre-School. Quickviz Co. was selected for their expertise in architectural visualization to bring this vision to life.

Quickviz Co. was tasked with creating a video fly-through depicting all three buildings, using client-supplied drawings and site photographs for accurate depiction and context.

The Compassion Center, a completely new structure, required a detailed and creative approach to showcase its design and potential impact. In contrast, the Elementary School and Pre-School, being remodels, needed a visual narrative that highlighted their transformations and the accompanying exterior landscaping. These visualizations were crucial for the church's upcoming donor event, with a strict three-week deadline for completion. The client also requested the addition of the church's logo to all videos and renderings, adding a personalized touch to the presentation materials.

Quickviz Co. successfully delivered the project within the stipulated time frame, meeting and exceeding Jackson Durand’s expectations. The video flythroughs provided a comprehensive and immersive view of the proposed developments, playing a pivotal role in the presentation for church donors. Quickviz Co. is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the Cross Road Church project, a meaningful addition to our portfolio of church-related undertakings. We look forward to future collaborations that blend architectural innovation with community and spiritual growth.


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