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City of Vancouver 2050

In 2020, the City of Vancouver embarked on a project to envision the city's future, aptly named "City of Vancouver 2050". Spearheaded by the planning department of the city,, the project aimed to model and visualize a city block that would represent a blend of current reality and future possibilities. Quickviz Co. was chosen by the city of Vancouver for their expertise in detailed and realistic architectural visualization to bring this vision to life.

Quickviz Co. was assigned the responsibility of creating a flythrough render that illustrated the integration of proposed buildings into existing neighborhoods. This included applying detailed materials and incorporating elements such as trees, people, cars, and bicycles to realistically convey the envisioned architectural landscape.The city also inquired about the possibility of integrating rendered multiplex images into actual streetscape photos, a request Quickviz Co. was prepared to fulfill.

The visuals created by Quickviz Co. played a pivotal role in the city's development plan. They illustrated the proposed changes, including the integration of "missing middle" housing options, in low-density neighborhoods across the city. This animation was crucial in depicting a standard block with a variety of housing options, helping to communicate the city's vision to council members and the public. 

Quickviz's visuals effectively conveyed the city's proposals and in the council meeting on October 17th, 2023 the new R1-1 zone was enacted, allowing for multiplex housing in previously low-density areas. The Quickviz team is honored to have contributed to shaping the future of Vancouver and we look forward to more opportunities to impact urban development through their visual storytelling.


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