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August 10, 2020

As we enter the second half of the year, we hope that slowly but surely our economy will recover to be stronger than ever. We all desire to successfully move forward and Quickviz is committed to assisting all participants in the AEC industry do the same.

Our experience in residential and commercial renderings has helped understand the industry and it’s requirements. Our visualization services, which include high-quality 3D stills, animation and VR, aim to aid your business in receiving quicker design and council approvals, marketing your portfolio and securing pre-construction investments for your projects.

Whereas renderings for residential projects would typically be used to convey design ideas of a finished project to the client, commercial projects usually have a business motive.

Residential renderings are usually more ‘literal’ wanting to convey the exact details and specifications for the end client to make a more informed decision on finishes, furnishings and furniture. For extensions and renovations the renderings are a good tool to show how the proposed design would blend in with the previously built environment.

Renderings for commercial projects are usually used for gaining investment, funding or sale of the property pre construction. These renderings are less ‘literal’ and more ‘marketing’ quality where light, landscape and texture is used to enhance the overall likability of the image. 

CLICK HERE to view some of the work our team did last month. 

We look forward to bringing eye-catching visuals to your project for permits, design meetings, marketing, and more. Email or call 678-999-2706 Ext 105 to start the conversation! 


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