Inato Sema

Designation: CEO
Education: B.Arch, M.Arch

About me- I'm going to try here. I'm an architect by profession — a musician at heart. I love to learn. I love and hate computers. I have an extensive range of interests from aviation, music, art, technology, travel, business, management, and finance. I couldn't care less about drama - be it theatrical or real-life — my type of movie - a psychological thriller. Romance is boring. I get distracted easily. I try to be a realist, but I think I'm an emotional optimist. I trust easily, have a short temper, but forgive quickly. I find it hard to hold grudges. I couldn't care less about things that are a waste of my time and energy. I'm smitten by my daughter and desire to be a father that inspires my child(ren). Talking to people exhausts me.

Strengths- Strategist, business operations management, process design, problem identifier and solver.

Known for- business killed my passion (just kidding). I play the violin. I was a professional violinist for many years until I decided to bury myself deeper into my work. My business has become my passion, and I love what I do.


A premium architectural visualization service customized and suited to cater to your specific needs.
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