Interactive Walkthroughs using Gaming Technology

June 2, 2020

The current visualization technology is capable of creating renderings at par with reality and is a very effective tool in showcasing an architectural project. Photorealistic videos are easily understandable for every participant and deeply benefits all parties in a project - from the investor selling their project pre construction to designers getting council approvals. 

We at Quickviz, believe in setting new benchmarks in our field of work. We want the experience delivered to be as seamless as possible. With this in mind, our studio is proud to present a new service offering in the creation of Interactive walkthroughs.

These walkthroughs finally combine a long awaited desire to freely walk about a space and be able to look around in a more natural manner. 
One can immerse themselves in the space and  walk around at free will, climb stairs, open doors and even swap out material options to see various configurations, opening several opportunities for our clients.

The walkthroughs and renderings are created in our studio, in meticulous detail, by our team of highly skilled professionals using the latest gaming technology. This technology makes the experience feel considerably more organic and allows for a “natural” look-around within the space. 

Please reach out to us at +1-678-999-2706 Ext 105 or when you require any of our Rendering or CAD services.

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