Interactive Walkthrough using Gaming Technology

May 29, 2020

Spatial Visualization has come a long way from hand made sketches to today’s hyper realistic images which the common man can instantly appreciate. Visualization technology today allows for renderings that are at par with reality. The current visualization videos are one of the most effective tools in showcasing a project in a manner that every participant can easily understand. It deeply benefits an architectural project at any stage. As an investor this holds immense value because it is now possible to convert conceptual ideas into convincing visual imagery that can inspire positive investment for future gains.

Although videos are powerful visual tools in itself, they do have their limitations, one of which is that it does not allow an immersive experience as some developers might desire.

A typical video would be limited to a static observer glued to a single point, moving along a predefined path, devoid of any interactive movement. This has been the industry standard for the last decade.

We at QuickViz, believe in setting new benchmarks in our field of work. We want the experience delivered to be as seamless as possible.

With this in mind, our studio is proud to present a new service offering in the creation of Interactive walkthroughs. These walkthroughs finally combine a long awaited desire to freely walk about a space and be able to look around in a more natural manner. This interactive technology allows for one to experiment with the space.One can immerse themselves in the space and walk around at free will, climb stairs, open doors and even swap out material options to see various configurations, opening several opportunities for our clients.

These walkthroughs are created in our studio, in meticulous detail, by our team of highly skilled professionals using the latest gaming technology. This technology makes the experience feel considerably more organic and allows for a “natural” look-around within the space.

These interactive walkthroughs can benefit any participant in the AEC industry – from the Developer pre-selling the property to the architect showcasing their portfolio to the designer getting design approval. Architects can now interactively present their design ideas to their clients and even developers can use this technology to allow their potential investors to view and interact with a space in a much more realistic manner. We certainly look forward to providing you with top notch visualization services using the latest technology the world has to offer.

Interactive video demo using Game Technology

Our team at QuickViz specializes in Photo realistic Visuals – Hyper realistic Still Images, Interactive 360 Virtual Reality, and Videos of buildings that have not been physically constructed yet. Send us your hand sketched drawings, your architectural plans, your mood board, and our experienced artists will redraw them as high-quality renderings which you can use for approval permits and pre-construction marketing.

Our team at QuickViz would like to show you some of the work we did last month. Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed creating them. Please contact us at 678-999-2706 for any Drafting or Visualization Requirements.

Until next month! 


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