Why 360 Virtual Tours are a Growing Favorite among Architects and Designers

February 12, 2020

Benefits of 360 Virtual Reality Tours

In the field of Architecture and Design advances in VR technology have paved the path to a better, more efficient, and faster design process. Read on to find out why designers should adapt to this technology and integrate it into their design process:

  • Pre-construction Trouble-shooting:
    360 VR tours aid designers to digitally visualize a potential design and  identify any logistical flaw pre construction. The VR 360 allows for virtual navigation of the space, thereby empowering the designer to analyze the project in depth. Designers can critically inspect the design before a single brick is put in place. 
  • Cost-Effective:
    Conventionally designers have built 3D models of their projects to showcase their work. Digitally modeled VR 360 tours significantly reduces cost of the visualization process as well as cost of implementation of design changes in the project.
  • Business development and marketing:
    An organization using VR will easily stand out through the lasting impression of their thrilling and unique visualization experience. Incorporating VR videos also increases the chances of winning bids and securing the project.
  • Collaborate and Communicate:
    Using the VR 360 allows multiple stakeholders to quickly experience and make decisions about the interior and exterior design of a building, while sitting in the comfort of the conference hall. Clients find it easier to visualize the design of their project and it also opens up the scope of giving real-time feedback, which can help architects and designers to efficiently customize their designs accordingly.
  • Training:
    VR 360 tours give a precise idea to the construction team about how the project is to be built. Training of construction teams can be enhanced by conducting virtual site walkthroughs.
  • Spatial Awareness:
    The magic of a client being able to enter detailed floor plans in the correct spatial proportions helps them understand the design exponentially better. This also eliminates misunderstandings which are sometimes created by presenting 2D drawings to the client. 

We have worked on some exciting projects this month and we hope you enjoyed viewing some of our photo-realistic renderings from January 2020 as much as we enjoyed creating them. 

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