Architectural Storytelling through Visualization

April 4, 2020

The year 2020 has been a roller coaster for the country; after an exciting start in the Architectural, Real Estate and Construction Industry, the COVID 19 global pandemic brought the economy to a near halt. As we all settle into the groove of working from home, this is the perfect time to focus on marketing material for projects that need traction or investment. Many clients have started ramping up projects with us to ensure they’re ahead of the game when this situation passes. Over the next few blogs we would like to show you some of the projects we have worked on this year and how it has benefited our clients. Your success is our success and if there is any way we can help boost your business during this period we would love to do so.

A good visualization video is an invaluable addition to any project presentation. All the hard work that goes into a project can go unnoticed, if not marketed or presented well. There is no better way to improve brand value than to capture your client’s attention before your competition does. The beauty of using a visualization video to present your design is that it not only attracts, but holds your audience’s attention through the design journey a video conveys.

Investing in a good visualization video dramatically increases your chances of receiving approval success or funding for an architectural project. It is no wonder that visual media plays such an important role in conveying a story in the world today. Visualization is one of the strongest tools available at our disposal today to sell our work efficiently and effectively. We would like to showcase one such marketing video we did for a new restaurant by Mellow Mushroom in North Carolina.

Mellow Mushroom is a popular pizza restaurant chain spread across the East Coast. We had the opportunity to work with their design team on the marketing video for one of their upcoming locations in Wilmington, North Carolina. This video is an excellent example of how an architectural design concept can be marketed through a walk through created pre construction.
The cafe is located at the corner of a busy pedestrian intersection in the historic district, very close to the Cape Fear riverfront. The journey into the world of Mellow Mushroom starts at the very entry of the cafe through the curvilinear edge of a plaza dotted with a host of beautiful tall plantations which provide shaded seating for casual hangouts. The see-through glass doors create an inviting entryway allowing visitors to gravitate inward towards the welcoming vibe.

If you’re looking to alleviate your spirits, Mellow Mushroom has got your back.This cafe is a sensory playground of all kinds of textures and motifs for the perfect R’n’R. The walls adorn all kinds of pop culture art and electric guitars to help people sit back and enjoy their time at their favorite cafe! The tall glass panels in the cafe allow for ample light to pour in, making the ambiance light and fluffy throughout the day. This allows us to emphasize what the brand of Mellow Mushroom intends to deliver: The pleasure of having scrumptious food in a fun stimulating environment.

Visualization videos enable people to experience places without even having to visit them. Our team at QuickViz specializes in the art of creating experiences using digital visualization. We can help you and your clients market your project through photo realistic Visuals – Hyper-realistic Still Images, Interactive 360 Virtual Reality, and Videos of buildings that have not been physically constructed yet. Send us your hand sketched drawings, your architectural plans, your mood board, and our experienced artists will redraw them as high-quality renderings which you can use for approval permits and pre-construction marketing. Hope you enjoy viewing our work as much as we enjoyed creating them. Please contact us at 678-999-2706 for any Drafting or Visualization Requirements.

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